The SportsTravel Foundation is incorporated as a nonprofit 501c(3) public benefit corporation. The SportsTravel Foundation provides travel grants to deserving amateur athletes and teams participating in sporting events and tournaments.

The SportsTravel Foundation was launched by Schneider Publishing Company,
publishers of SportsTravel and Association News magazines and 
organizers of the TEAMS Conference & Expo and Meetings Quest trade-show series.

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1. Applications must be received by the Foundation at least 45 days before travel is undertaken

2. Two letters of recommendation are required:

          A. A letter from the applicants' National Governing Body. This letter must be on the letterhead of the National Governing Body. The letter should attest to the fact that the team or individual is in good standing and should address the level of competition achieved as well as the significance of this achievement. National Governing Bodies are encouraged to include any other information that aid the review committee in making its evaluation. 

          B. A letter from someone who can address both the applicants' competitive athletic achievements as well as need for funds. The letter should include the relationship with the person writing the letter and any other information that the writer deems useful to the review committee. 

3. Applicants may include additional letters, press clippings or other relevant information, but may not exceed ten pages including the application cover sheet. 

4. Computer generated reproductions of the application are permitted as long as the application is in the same format and includes all the same information. Applicants who do not follow precisely these guidelines may not be considered for grants. 

5. The completed application package must include the following: 

          A. Signed Application Form

          B. Two letters of Recommendation, including one from applicant's NGB

          C. Up to 5 Optional Pages of Support Materials 

Applications Guidelines


1. Individuals and all members of teams applying for this grant must be U.S. citizens or legal residents.

2. Individuals and all members of teams must be amateur athletes. 

3. Applicants must present a letter of recommendation from either their sport's National Governing Body, the event organizer or the event host.

4. Individuals and teams must use the funds only for travel related expenses and must include a detailed spending plan for the grant.

5. Applicants must demonstrate financial need for the grant.

6. No grants will be awarded for travel that has already been undertaken at the time of application.

7. An individual or team may be awarded only one grant per calendar year. A maximum of five grants can be awarded to an individual or team in a lifetime. In order to provide support to as many athletes as possible, requests for funding by past grantees are not guaranteed and chances may decrease with each successful funding application. 

8. Applicants who are members of a team applying for a team grant are not eligible for an individual grant for the same event.

9. Grants that are awarded and cannot or are not used by the athletes for their stated purpose must be returned to the SportsTravel Foundation.

Applicants should be aware that by accepting a SportsTravel Foundation Grant, an athlete's college eligibility may be affected. To determine any potential impact on eligibility, please direct your questions to the NCAA at 317-917-6008


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